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  • Many of the top sites have linked to SquiggleBooth including Metafilter, Neatorama, Make Magazine Blog and The Daily Reel.
  • Retrospective at All American Film Festival 2008.
  • Second Cinema, an television show on Independent Cinema, featured SquiggleBooth for the May 2007 show
  • Ava Gardner Film Festival screens a SquiggleBooth retrospective in fall 2007.
  • MacMost interviews Ajit about SquiggleBooth.
  • ConvergeSouth Film Festival screens several podcasts.
  • The AV Club says it is “better than a vlog“
  • Metafilter calls it "charming"
  • Vlog Gumbo says“creativity at its highest point“
  • For more press on SquiggleBooth, please check here.





  • Many of the top sites have linked to TickleBooth including BoingBoing, Metafilter, Kottke.org, Cartoon Brew, New York Times Screens Blog, Wired Magazine Blogs & Filmmaker Magazine Blog.
  • Transbuddha says "excellent".
  • Four Eyed Monsters says “the best interview we’ve had".
  • Director David Lowery calls it “awesome“.
  • Create Digital Motion says "charming".
  • BOTD awards us "Blog of the day".
  • For more press on TickleBooth, please check here.



Dear Stranger

  • Premiered at the Annapolis Film Festival.
  • All American Film Festival.
  • Secret City Film Festival (October 2008)
  • Rob Baldus for Tennessee paper Metropulse says "In his quietly aching study of bereavement, Ajit Anthony Prem reminds us that it’s the invisible world that is the real one. Not only that but he proves that cinema can portray this inner life as effectively as any novel. Just a few silent seconds spent in the company of a stranger on a subway train are enough for Rosie (Nikki Alikokos) to spiral out of control, losing herself in a deep, grief-stricken fantasy of a life she will never know. Dear Stranger has a voiceover but works perhaps even better as a silent film, illuminating the arbitrary, capricious nature of love, the emotional continents that separate us from our partners, and the virtual impossibility of living just one life. The effect is almost unbearably poignant."
  • ConvergeSouth Film Festival
  • No Fat Clips writes "I hope you'll love everything of this short as much as I did..."
  • David Slusher writes after CS FF "I highly recommend it. I think it should have won the fiction, and I voted it as highly as I voted anything but alas, it did not win".
  • Transbuddha calls the short "gorgeous".
  • Sarah Hemar calls the short "splendid".



Banana Bus

  • Wins Best North Carolina Short at the 2008 All American Film Festival.
  • Dixie Film Festival
  • Featured at Pixelodeon Festival at the American Film Institute.
  • ConvergeSouth Film Festival.
  • Ava Gardner Film Festival.
  • The AV Club "I am reminded of a less formalized/structured This American Life".

Indian Giver

  • Screened on the music video show The Collective.
  • Selected for outdoor installation in Dallas.
  • Live performance at the All American Film Festival.
  • Ava Gardner Film Festival.
  • Split Screen calls it “Lovely“.



Blurring Fat

  • DV Blog calls it "superb".
  • Ava Gardner Film Festival.



12 Verses in Water

  • Chuch Tryon calls it “compelling“
  • Ava Gardner Film Festival.
  • Llamame Lola describes it as “a rest for your soul“.



Fast Cuts

  • The Daily Reel’s Top Ten.



Mr & Mrs Blue Skies

  • Featured on DVBlog.



Tuning Out Roadkill

  • The Daily Reel's Top Ten.
  • ConvergeSouth Film Festival.



Thoughts on the Road

  • Converge South Film Festival.