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God forbid you show disappointment towards Red Camera!

This is what I wrote on Red forum about their disappointing October 30th announcement:

The Disappointed: We wanted the Scarlet that was initially promised. Stop making it so complicated.
The Apologists: They are trying it to do it right. Patience!
The Disappointed: We want them to do it right as well but we don’t all the bells and whistles.
The Apologists: Too bad! Suck it up.
The Disappointed: But we want to shoot now. We are ready to suck it up. We understand it might be difficult earlier on.
The Apologists: That’s what you are saying now. When you get a half finished camera, you will come here bitching and moaning.
The Disappointed: No I promise. I am just disappointed, it has been almost two years now.
The Apologists: You can’t be a truly Red fan if you sound disappointed. This is an independent company. Jim is so [great]!!!
The Disappointed: We agree. We saved all our pennies doing piddly things to buy this camera.
The Apologists: Well, you should have gotten a Red fool! Like I did! Haha!
The Disappointed: It is out of my price range. I just want a camera that has a good codec and an interchangeable lens setup.
The Apologists: You clearly must be an amateur. You need more than just that. You need 5k. You need a full frame sensor. You need [this] and [that].
The Disappointed: Not really. When I need something like that I’ll will rent.
The Apologists: In any case, you should appreciate the honesty of Red. They have been open with their development. No other company does that.
The Disappointed: You’re right. I’m being honest too.

They promptly moved it here. For a camera company that prides themselves on honesty, they seriously have a problem with honest feedback.

A Walkthru with Kathleen Connally

A short doc I completed recently.

Al Boyle in his write up for The Examiner sheds some light on the origins of the film.

I am so disappointed with Scorsese with signing the pro-Polanski petition. Urgh!

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Lunch at Milltown

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Todd’s shoot

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Kanye West Interrupts Obama’s Speech

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World to Ajit: conform, conform, conform…

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All I wanted to do was update iTunes…

But then it said I had to update safari. Ok! When I tried installing safari, it asked that I upgrade to the latest version of tiger. Ok! It upgrades. Try installing safari but my G5 won’t reboot! F&@k! Ok!! I boot from install disk, open disk utility to repair disk. Nope! Disk cannot be repaired. Aargh!!!!

I install tiger on 2nd drive, use recovery software to salvage what is on my original drive. Then use migration tool to bring applications and other user files from a month old backup. Then replace old files with new files. You still with me?

Everything seems to be salvaged. Open up Final cut by chance and the bloody thing won’t open!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaargggh!!!!

Damn iTunes. I hate u so.

This is the weekend I promised myself that I would complete editing short doc, write 3rd draft of script, prep for shoot next weekend and work on grant. Oh the irony!

60’s, RNC fought against Medicare. 90’s, Newt & Co. tried to cut it but now they want to save it!?

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