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I spent this past sunday shooting some new scenes and reshooting others for Hello. Sorry. Whatever. I woke up the next morning so elated. I don’t think this has ever happened after a day of shooting. I am usually full of regrets. Mad at myself for this and that. But this time, it worked, I had resources, I had help, I was patient with myself, people were patient with me. And most importantly, the crew had a blast doing it.

Part of this I attribute to my maturity, both as a filmmaker and as a person. The other reason would be the presence of Todd Tinkham, a local filmmaker who played the part of cinematographer for the day. And…and…I had extras!

Lastly, this Obama poster captures what I am trying to say above. Things happen when people come together forcefully for a common goal. Great things.

obama color poster

Designed by Brazilian graphic designer named Daniel Molin. Found here.

Indian Giver is playing on Squiggle

Some videos take so long, that you wonder if you will ever finish it. Because of weather, I had to reconstruct a story from the pieces of videos that we had shot. Reshooting was out of the question because the actress lived faraway and the person who lent me the camera did not want to give it out anymore.

When I finally started to edit, almost six months after we shot it, I faced the long tedious task of deciding what goes with what. Not just what cut comes after the other but what goes next to it. This was the longest part of an edit. Once I had the pieces even somewhat aligned, the pace started to quicken.

But the combination of editing HDV in dual windows on a computer that had very little RAM became torture. Every cut had to be rendered. Every step had a 3+ minute break in between. Never again. I don’t know if I could have made it better than what I did but at the end of it, I had no enthusiasm for the piece and that is never good.

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